Each new day brings fresh possibility.
Each new day brings fresh possibility. 

Wishing you a very warm welcome.

My name is Brett Lancaster.

My passion and my profession for over 20 years has been to help people thrive.

Helping you thrive

I firmly believe that, no matter how you feel, no matter what is going on in your life, each new moment offers the possibility of practical and positive change.


As we begin working together, our start point may be related to something you are going through right now.

This may be linked to health, work stresses, lifestyle, motivation, self-worth, fear, anger, guilt, grief, shame, helplessness, anxiety, relationship issues, breaking out of a rut or setting new goals.


The aim is to help you thrive more than you already are.

Even in the most difficult times in life, thriving is important.

Thriving is about how we engage with life in any one moment.

This definition of 'thriving' includes:

Feeling good

to be alive



Richer Life




Fresh zest

and energy

Sense of contribution

Joyful Abundance



You may have different words that better describe what thriving means to you. That is perfectly fine. Your definitions are the ones that matter.


'Thriving' is an integral theme of both the 1:1 Journeys and Thrivers guides.

Journey 1:1's and Thrivers guides

I offer you over 15 years Journey 1:1's. experience and over 20 years experience running personal development coaching and workshops. Both are empowering and practical to everyday life.


The Journey 1:1's focus on factors that you feel are currently limiting your quality of life and capacity to thrive.

Journey 1:1's can range from feeling a sudden loss of self-confidence to a need to feel empowered to meet the implications of a life threatening health challenge.


The Thrivers guides are designed to give you practical and empowering life skills you can use throughout your life.

Getting started.

As soon as you feel ready to 'go for it' and begin your special journey to a brighter future, get in touch.


Whatever your background or current circumstances, you will receive compassion, commitment and confidentiality from me.


Most people start with 1:1's - usually by experiencing the wonderful and world-renowned Journey process.

Many also choose to enjoy the benefits of the Thrivers guides.


I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Brett Lancaster

  • Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner

  • EFT practitioner

  • Reiki Master practitioner

  • Graduate: British Psychological Society

  • Diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

  • Master NLP Practitioner and INLPTA qualified trainer.

The Brandon Bays Journey process is now established in over 40 countries

'When you work with Brett, you are working with a master.'

Brandon Bays.

You can make positive changes to any aspect

of your life.

There is always the possibility  to change and transform ...

  • Anxiety into confidence

  • Anger into calm power

  • Depression into enthusiasm for life

  • Divorce stresses into empowerment

  • Feeling stuck in a rut to feeling free

  • Financial self sabotage to growing abundance

  • Grief into a gift to be honoured

  • Guilt and shame into fresh hope and pride

  • Helpless to feeling empowered to handle health challenges

  • Lethargy into feeling energised

  • Loneliness & despair into connection and joy of life

  • Low self-worth into self-belief & confidence

  • Mid-life crisis into a gift

  • Phobias, panic attacks into calm confidence

  • Procrastination into joyful action

  • Sexual issues into a sexual wholeness

  • Strained relationships into healthy relationships

  • Stress into passion and enthusiasm

  • Trauma into fresh energy

  • Victim of Abuse into sense of empowerment,  assertiveness and true self-worth

  • and more.

Face to face 1:1's or World-wide

via phone and skype.

Home visits by special arrangement.

Easy travel from Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Sefton, The North East,The Midlands and beyond.


Workshops are held around the UK

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Copyright: Brett Lancaster, Senior Journey practioner; NLP Master practitioner; Life Coach