Why coaching can be critical.


The right help at the right time can be priceless.

When we start to make changes in our own lives, it is often the first steps that are the most critical.

We all know people who start out to make an important lifestyle change typically around weight, eating habits, fitness, smoking etc.with good intentions only for things to slip back or fall by the wayside.

I call it the 'New Years resolution syndrome'.

Although there are many reasons for this, three of the most common are:

  • the lack of a workable or inspiring plan.
  • self-worth or self-belief issues.
  • the lack of the right type of ongoing encouragement and support.

This where the support of an experienced coach comes into it's own.

I have been professionally coaching and mentoring people in one way or another for over twenty years.


Quality of Life coaching.

Building more confidence and ability to reach your own goals.

Key elements of a coaching partnership


Having someone on your side with expertise on change and transition can be invaluable.

For the best chance of success you need a coach who:

  • you feel you can trust and respect.
  • helps you clarify what you really want in life
  • set achievable goals and plan of action.
  • develop new empowering beliefs
  • offers you a safe space of complete confidentially where thoughts and feelings can be openly expressed.
  • has the commitment, experience, wisdom, listening and coaching skills you need.
  • encourages you to ask new questions.
  • helps you discover your own fresh answers to potential obstacles in your path.
  • helps you discover the gift in any experience or situation.
  • encourages you to seek win-win solutions to relationship challenges at home or work.
  • empowers you to meet whatever your life includes now and in the future.
  • enables you to make the changes you really want to make with confidence and skill.

Coaching fees


Quality of life coaching fees:


This is for face-to-face, phone or internet coaching usually at pre-arranged appointment times:

•              £30-00 for each coaching email.

•              £60 for a session lasting up to one hour.

•              £90 for a session lasting up to 2 hours.


Business (interpersonal skills) coaching:

  • fees are available on request since the style of coaching is generally more involved and tailored.


via Facetime, Zoom and Skype.

A practical and scientifically based process fit for your needs and

the challenges of the

21st century.


The Journey is a powerful, practical and profound therapeutic process

created in the early 1990's.



It is established in over 40 countries around the world.


'When you work with Brett,

you are working with a master.'


Brandon Bays.

creator of

The Journey process.

Just some of the places my clients live:



Greater Manchester, Yorkshire,



The Midlands,











New Zealand

and more.


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