New day. Fresh start.
New day. Fresh start.

The powerful Journey 1:1 process

I have almost 20 years experience of working with people using this unique, safe, practical, profound and powerful process.


It is specifically designed to help you release old emotional'wounds' that maybe affecting your health.


One special ingredient of the Journey is that it empowers you to tap into your own inner wisdom, power and potential of your mind, body and inner spirit.


It was devised by Brandon Bays in the early 1990's.

Her story in her book simply called: 'The Journey' is truly inspirational.


The Journey process is now firmly established in over 40 countries around the world.


It is designed to:

  • free you from deep-rooted emotional 'wounds' from your past.
  • healthily let go emotions such as anger, fury, grief, shame, fear and guilt.
  • transform self-doubt and limiting beliefs.
  • release the body from trauma and increase well-being*.
  • help you feel more resourced and centred in your being.
  • enable you to openly be your true self.
  • leave you feeling more empowered to handle anything that life includes now and in the future.

What a 1:1 Journey session includes

The Journey consists of a gentle guided discovery and release you from the  effects of emotional memories or emotional 'wounds' that are limiting your quality of life.

Sometimes these are known. Sometimes these need to be uncovered. The Journey process caters for both of these scenarios.

Follow up support is offered to ensure you gain the most benefit from each of our sessions together.


As we meet and work together, the aim in every session is to:

  • provide a safe, confidential, space, free of judgement for you to explore any issue you may wish to work on.
  • set you free from any old limiting beliefs
  • healthily transform painful emotional memories that may be affecting your quality of life.
  • help you feel empowered to take fresh, practical steps forward and enjoy an increasing quality of life.

Special feature of the Journey process

The Journey also has a very special feature that takes you to what Brandon refers to in her book, as your "Source" or essential essence.

Some people label 'source in other ways, such as 'Soul-self' or 'True-self'. Many find this an amazing, liberating and inspiring experience.


Experiences of 'Source' includes an awareness and connection with boundless:

  • inner strength, compassion, wisdom, love, inner peace, at one with everything, and more.

Everyday examples of source include feeling at one with nature and even, as athletes say, 'Being in the zone'.


Most people choose the 'Designer' Journey option.

It is the most comprehensive and offers the best value for money.


Support reading options include:

Click here to read book


Brandon's full story plus many other examples of how people have benefited from the Journey process are in her inspirational book called:

The book is available in multiple formats via Amazon and equivalent.

*  Scientific Research books on how emotions can affect our health and well-being include: 

  • "Molecules of Emotion" by Dr. C. Pert

  • "Quantum Healing" by Dr. Deepak Chopra.



via Facetime, Zoom and Skype.

A practical and scientifically based process fit for your needs and

the challenges of the

21st century.


The Journey is a powerful, practical and profound therapeutic process

created in the early 1990's.



It is established in over 40 countries around the world.


'When you work with Brett,

you are working with a master.'

Brandon Bays.

creator of

The Journey process.

Just some of the places my clients live:



Greater Manchester, Yorkshire,



The Midlands,











New Zealand

and more.


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