New day. New start.
New day. New start.

Offering you a wealth of experience

I have been very fortunate to have studied with some amazing teachers in different parts of the world.

These include psychologists, business leaders, life coaches, complementary therapists and enlightened masters.


This is strengthened by many years experience working in industry, lecturing, designing and running both in-house teamwork and leadership training modules and a whole range of personal

development workshops.


This has proved both an amazing personal journey and an invaluable foundation in my work as a therapeutic practitioner and Life Coach.


I have helped people from many diverse backgrounds, cultures and countries.


All this allows me to adopt a unique holistic approach to empowering people to make more of their own life.

Relevant qualifications and experience icludes:

  • BWRT Advanced Practitioner.
  • BWRT Master Coach.
  • WSN personality profiling and coaching.
  • 10 years working in industry for small firms and large multi-nationals
  • 12 years as a lecturer in Management Development - specialising in interpersonal and team skills development, coaching, presentation skills, leadership, mastering change and motivation. This also included Head of School - for trainer training and five years as a training advisor for a multi-national manufacturing organisation.
  • Over 20 years experience creating and delivering tailored team-development workshops for organisations. This included manufacturing, IT, finance, construction, insurance and UK Civil Service departments.
  • over 20 years experience designing and running personal development workshops.
  • over 20 years as a NLP* Master Practitioner, trainer and life-coach.
  • EFT practitioner
  • over 20 years studying with spiritual teachers of the ancient practice of self-enquiry and self-awareness through meditation.

Qualifications and prfessional memberships include:

  • BWRT Level2 Advanced Practitioner

  • BWRT Accredited Coach

  • BA(Hons) - psychology specialism.

  • Graduate of the British Psychological Society.

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis advanced Diploma

  • NLP Master Practitioner and INLPTA NLP Trainer Certificate (since 1996).

  • Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy - Accredited member.

Make a start.

Make a change.

Make more of your life.

You deserve the best that life has to offer.

Your life is truly worth investing in.

You are worth it.


Take advantage of

your free consultation today.

Please note:

I am not insured to work with anyone living in North or South America

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