Natural start point

Whatever your background, a natural start point is for us to begin with the current challenges in your life.


Typical challenges can include:

  • feeling tense, anxious, insecure, sad, worried, stressed, depressed or fear of the future.

  • fear of criticism or looking foolish.

  • past abuse, traumatic or painful memories still affecting your life.

  • frustration or anger when life feels out of control.

  • lingering sense of injustice or betrayal.

  • recurring shame, embarrassment, humiliation, blushing or guilt.

  • feeling awkward, shy or 'clumsy' in company.

  • talking yourself out of things or other forms of self-sabotage.

  • repeating habit patterns that no longer serve you.

  • feeling heartbreak, loss, a void, rejection, abandonment or grief.

  • over reliance on food, TV, cigarettes etc.

  • relationship problems, redundancy, career move etc.

  • lack of motivation, feeling stuck in a rut, or no clear sense of direction in life.

  • feeling the fun has gone out of life, moping around and lost your 'umph'!

  • a lack or loss of self-confidence, self-belief, or self-worth.

  • phobias or control of 'nerve's' such as in public speaking.

  • procrastination, indecision or fear of success or failure.

  • feel you have lost sight of who you are.

  • feeling that 'there must be more to life than this'.

  • looking to find a way to be more assertive, secure and equipped to create a better future for yourself.


The list is by no means complete. You may have other symptoms.

All such symptoms are clear signals that you are ready to make fresh choices and healthy changes.

If you are open to restoring a greater sense of balance and well-being in your life, then let's talk.

Please note

  • I do not diagnose any form of medical condition whether it be physical or mental.
  • If you have such a condition, you are advised to seek appropriate professional medical advice for any such condition before we work together. For example, there are many physical situations that can be the cause of anxiety symptoms. Consult your GP or other medical professional prior to therapy.
  • I am not insured to work with psychiatric conditions.
  • Those already receiving medical or psychological help must inform their appropriate professional(s) and gain their approval before the first session.
  • In the field of therapy there are no absolute guarantees, and there are as many routes to greater health as there are people. There is not a therapy in the world that works for everybody and everything.
  • All I can guarantee you is giving my very best efforts drawing upon all my years of experience in each and every session.
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