• "Before BWRT I was at the mercy of uncontrollable heightened anxiety that rendered me crippled with fear and unhappiness and wanting anyway out.

After BWRT my life, outlook and wellbeing are so extraordinarily happy and positive.

I can honestly say it's the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I have priceless tools that I will use for my entire life to ensure I'm happy, calm and no longer deeply affected by external factors.

My inner self has the power and tools to remain at peace and more than that - happy and joyful.

I have never been so excited about my life and self for such a sustained period.

This method and therapy have transformed my perception of life and myself.

I feel capable of being whatever I want to be.

You couldn't ask for a more intuitive, effective and powerful therapist than Brett Lancaster.

I am extremely grateful to have been treated by such an incredible therapist." 

- Sera

  • I started my own business in the last few years after having a successful career in the corporate world.

I'm pretty self-aware and I noticed that I had been procrastinating about following up on business development opportunities.

I even balked at phoning up past clients who I knew had really valued my services.

Not good for business!

I tried to coach myself through it, and I knew it was not rational.

I had some success and made some calls that went really well, but 4 months on there were still some people on my "to contact" list that I hadn't even tried to call.

Then I heard about BWRT. The concept made sense based on other things I had read and heard about over-coming mental blocks and procrastination. So I decided to give it a go.

I spoke to Brett and he explained it to me and we set aside a time to meet via Skype.

After just one session I felt I conquered it; now I just get on with making those calls and I feel great afterwards.

The interesting thing with the process is I didn't even have to explain the specific issue or my feelings so it was very different from other forms of coaching, therapy, or self-talk.

I felt the key to the success was to trust the process and engage with it.

I'd recommend it to anyone who feels they are stuck or have a mental block about something.

Claire: Business Owner (Australia)


  • 2 BWRT sessions with Brett and the anxiety has all but gone, its one of the most incredible turnarounds I have experienced , in fact its the most incredible ! In the space of 2 weeks to go from being permanently frazzled to being back to normal .. phenonomal.  Neil


  • Wowee!!! I have been super charged since working with you.THIS WAS A HUGE SHIFT for me so thank you a million times. It feels like a huge turning point in my life. The greatest gift has been the improvement in my personal and family relationships. I feel more in touch with my True self and this inner voice is able to communicate more clearly at all levels. My life has changed forever. Alison


  • Thank you for showing me how to look at my problems in a different way. It was a very positive and empowering  for me to see the solutions and how to achieve them. Everything was such a tangled mess. Now I feel that sense of urgency had gone and with a calm clear view of what I really needed to do. Jill (solicitor)


  • Over the years I have known you, both as a client and a fellow Journey practitioner, it quickly became very clear that you have a unique ability and deep understanding of exactly what is needed at any one moment during a 1:1 process. Everything you do is offered with skill, empathy and sensitivity. I have gained so much in increased health, sense of freedom and real trust in myself and in life. Margaret. (Reflexologist)


  • I have worked on a personal level with Brett Lancaster for over 10 years. He has always held a deep space of openness in which I could see my own truth, healing and path forwards. For me Brett brings together great insights and knowledge from his training but most of all he brings to the healing space the wisdom that is only learnt by someone who has also walked the path himself. For me this is a qualification of a great teacher and I have been graced to find him to support me in my path. Christine


  • When I work with you, what strikes me most is the level of depth we go to. It seems to be like unlocking a gate inside. Each time I found myself opening more fully into myself, my power and the Truth of who I really am - the real me... not the 'face' I present to the world. Sue (admin officer).


  • I was blown away. I was wondering whether there would be more tools to learn, more circus tricks to do and yet your work is profound truth, pure and simple. Most importantly, you offer your heart to us. I for one am extremely grateful.' Sree Sukumar (Leadership Consultant).


  • I have know Brett for about 7 years and during that time I have benefitted massively from his friendship, calm, assured wisdom and his caring. In a therapeutic Journey session that I had with Brett, he helped me to release some negative fears and negative energy that had been holding me back and blighting both my personal and professional life. The difference that this session had on me was profound. My new state of being had immediate and lasting impact in my relationships with others, my ability to run a business and lead and most importantly on my own inner peace and sense of  fearlessness. I know that every therapeutic process will have differing outcomes for each person but I have no hesitation in recommending Brett and his ability to help people address issues around emotional stresses and strains that are affecting more and more people facing the challenges of life in modern organisations. Phil  - CEO



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The general assumption is that the more people put into it, the more they get from the experience.

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